Why Pay To Build One

Why Should You Have Your Website Professionally Built?

Your companies potential website is an ambassador for your brand. It's like having an employee that never sleeps and can interact with millions of potential customers individually all at once. If you had such an employee, you would want to make sure that they were adequately trained and had the best most up to date information. There is an old saying, "you never get to make a second, first impression. We want to put you in the best position to make the best first impression and sell to as many potential clients as possible. If you have a poorly done website, at best that will be an obstacle your company will have to overcome when a new customer walks into your business.

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The second issue we see most often with our clients is that they have a website that was amazing at the time it was coded, but it is now out of date. If we use the employee analogy again, it is essential that your employee (website) has current information and training. If you own a store that sells TV's it wouldn't be beneficial if your employee was very knowledgeable about VCR's but knew nothing about the latest TV or their pricing. You don't want customers showing up at your store looking for products you used to sell (VCR's) at old prices. Your prices might also change throughout the year, and you need your website to reflect your most current and accurate pricing. Customers will get upset if they feel they have been misled. So basically we want your website to work with you and not against you.

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Another issue we repeatedly see with our clients is that they sign up with a major internet hosting company and use their plug and play premade internet design software to make their website. Others have even used design videos or books for help. I can tell you from experience that there are a lot of little nuances when it comes to designing a website. In reality, no program, video or book can account for everything that might happen to every customer every time. There is no substitution for experience and that only comes from designing hundreds of websites and fixing thousands of little problems. Sadly most of my customers get about halfway through their design and then come across some technical issues. We at McLaskey designs guarantee you a quality product and someone to call if there is an issue. Because if your site goes down, that is lost money coming out of your pocket. This allows you to spend your downtime growing your business or hanging out with your family instead of learning the ins and outs of coding or WordPress. Another issue my customers have had with these plug and play programs is that some of them do not "scale up" very well. They might only allow you to have a certain number of pages or data on your site. That might not be an issue when your site is still new, but as it grows over time that might become a significant issue. So for all our customers, we recommend getting a plan that allows you to grow. People have a tendency to hang on to their websites for longer than they initially thought they would and store more data on it than they initially thought.

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These are just a few of the issues that my customers had encountered over years before they came to me. If you calculate the cost over the lifetime of your website it is a bargon. Whatever you as a potential customer chooses we hope you are happy with your site and it significantly helps your business.