Why WordPress


The worst thing for a website to be is out of date or inaccurate. If your website has the wrong phone number or address, this can confuse and upset potential customers. At this point, you're negatively working against yourself. So you need a program that is easy to update and also does not require dedicated staff to maintain it. WordPress is very user-friendly and allows for reasonably quick updates. Because of this it also allows you to promote any specials or temporary deals your company might be currently running. Another of the great thing about WordPress is that it is not handcuffed to a particular platform or company. Making a website is a long-term commitment and a long-term investment. It's true certain companies have made specialized programs to design websites that are user-friendly. Sadly these programs can usually only be hosted on that companies servers and might even be limited in the size your website can grow to. We recommend WordPress because it gives you the flexibility to transfer your website in the future and it is maintained by the WordPress community. This community includes several big companies and even a few countries. So you know its probably going to be around for the long haul. WordPress is also widely used across the internet, and some internet hosting companies even offer specific WordPress hosting packages to make it even easier.

This is a real life screenshot of the WordPress Program Interface.

Main Control Page WordPress


As you can see, everything is clearly marked and easy to read. There is even a getting started box in the middle of the screen, that includes a next step section to make sure you don't get lost. All of your options are on the clearly defined drop-down menu. The program interface is similar to a word processing software. You do not need to know how to code for most normal operations.

The Page Design Interface in WordPress.


Again its supper easy to use, just click a few buttons and everything is taken care of. To add text you literally just have to click on the box and start typing. Each website we design comes with basic training included, so most normal upkeep you will be able to do yourself