What To Look For In a Webpage

Well, that will depend on what the purpose is of your webpage. Someone looking to set up a personal blog will have different requirements, from a business trying to sell products/services. Part of our job at McLaskey Designs is to sit down with you and hash out what you're trying to do with your website and determine what is most important to you. We don't want to give you a cookie cutter design, but something that is truly useful to you.

There are thankfully certain things that are universal to every webpage and we will discuss them on this page.

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Dealing with Different Devices

Potential customers will be viewing your website on devices of various sizes. Everything from Cell Phones to large TV screens. We recommend that you find a website design that works and looks good on multiple sized devices. We also recommend that you check your website from time to time on different devices to make sure it is still displaying correctly. Most of the time this comes down to picking a design with some built-in wiggle or adjustment room.

website download speed

Also, cell phones don't always have the quickest internet connection. So you shouldn't make your website overly complicated which might cause it to load slowly. The longer your page takes to load the more likely people are to get annoyed and click away from your site. The other issue is that the more complicated your website is, the more likely it is something will go wrong with it.

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Add On Program

Add on Programs

We also don't recommend that your site requires visitors to download random add-ons, what will again annoy people and cause them to leave the website. If your site does require programs to assist it, we recommend that you pick something that is already widely used by the general public. This will maximize the likelihood that your customers will already have the program on their device.

Set a Goal For Your Website

We recommend sitting down and writing out what you would like your website to do before you start designing it. It is easy to get off course when you are creating a website. Also, ask yourself is this the most efficient way possible to obtain this goal. Are there things just added to your page because you wanted to add them, but they have no real purpose.

Technology in the hands
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Inserting Pictures

All your pictures should have alt tags and text captions. Because search engines can’t read images and descriptive text helps to increase your rankings. Also, people with disabilities like blind people, use page readers that cant see pictures so they read alt tags to the visitor.

Clearly Marked and Easy to Navigate

Modern search engines don't always take your visitors to the main page of your website. So make sure your webpages are clearly marked and your navigation system is easy to use. You don't want potential customers getting confused or not being able to find what they're looking for. Because when this happens your customers will quickly leave your site. This is why we recommend making a conscious effort to prevent this problem from the begging.

Businessman circling Web Design bubble
Businessman circling Web Design bubble

Customer Reviews

Show off customer reviews, this helps potential customers get a more tangible since of your product or service. Customer Reviews also help customers figure out whether your products or services will meet their needs. These reviews could contain useful information you didn't think to include in your origin write up.

Explain Who You Are

Visitors to your site may not be aware of who you are or what advantages your company has over their competitors. Make sure you explain the basics of your company and why they might need your services. Sometimes potential customers might wander into your website and they might not be aware that they need your services. You need to be able to explain your company without making visitors feel like their being talked down to.

Businessman circling Web Design bubble
Businessman circling Web Design bubble

Website Design

We recommend that you go with a clean, simple, professional looking design. Most visitors to your website have a tendency to quickly scan your page, to get an overall feel for it and to find something. So keep that in mind when designing your page. Shorter paragraphs and better than longer ones. Use cleanly defined and easy to understand headers above your different sections. Bullet point are also important to have and to use. Because they allow people to read quickly and easily return to important information again in the future. You can also highlight important important words and phrases, to make it easier on the reader. We recommend that you use an easy font and color to read. Make sure that the text on your website is clear and easy to read.

Choosing The Correct Domain Name

Choosing your websites domain name is very important and can make or break your website. Here are a few guidelines that we recommend you following. First we recommend picking a domain name that is in some way related to your company and is easy to remember. Second we recommend picking a domain name that is simple to say and spell. The harder it is to say the more likely it will be for someone to give out the wrong address. Also the more difficult it is to spell, the more likely someone will miss spell it. Finally we recommend that you pay the extra money to get the .com or .org extension for your website. It will make you look allot more professional and will raise less questions with potential customers. There is a small fee for these extensions because their more popular, but if you divide that fee over the lifetime of your website it is basically nothing.

Businessman circling Web Design bubble
Businessman circling Web Design bubble

Pages Purpose

Every page should have a purpose or something it is trying to do. Maybe your pages purpose is to inform the visitor about your product, or maybe it is to help them order your product. The important thing to keep in mind when designing a page is to remember what that particular pages purpose is and what is the most effective way to do that. If your page design is really foreign or artsy to visitors they might get confused and leave. Style is important and you want your pages to be pleasing to the eye, but you don't want to focus on this style at the determent of function.

Hosting plans

The truth is that the internet is made up of physical machinery and hardware. Sometimes this hardware breaks down, just like any machinery. The problem is that if your server breaks down, this can cause your site to go offline. This is why we recommend hosting your website on a site that offers WordPress Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting will break up your website and store multiple versions of your site on several servers. Thus eliminating the fear that failure at one point will cause the whole site to fail. If one server goes down, the hosting company will just go get that same file from another location. We recommend hosting your site through a place that offers WordPress CLoud packages because their staff will be more knowledgeable if you have an issue in the future. Also, you know their system is optimized to run WordPress and it's already preloaded. It's just one less thing for you to worry about.

Businessman circling Web Design bubble
Businessman circling Web Design bubble

Have a Blog

We recommend having a blog on your website. It increases the number of people that will visit your website and how often they return. This can greatly improve you search result rating. When we say Blog, what we really mean is recurring articles on subjects that are related to subjects that your target audience would care about.

We Encourage Our Customers To Look Around At Other Websites And Decide What They Like