Here are a few of my current clients and what I have done for them. As we work with more clients this section will grow, so make sure to check in with us from time to time. To see what type of new projects were doing.

Protect Yourself From Crime

Services Completed

  • Website designed using WordPress
  • Wrote articles on various subject matters for the website.


  • Still under construction
  • Lone Pine Beef Ranch

    Services Completed

    • Basic Website Designed
    • Articles for the website checked and fine-tuned
    • Pictures for the website were taken on location at the Ranch.


  • Still under construction
  • Always Believe In God

    Services Completed

    • Basic Website designed using WordPress

    The Trumpertantrum Club

    Services Completed

    • Website designed using WordPress.
    • Updates to content made.
    • Social Media updated
    • Web Master Duties

    Meyer Poodles

    Services Completed

    • Coding adjusted and fixed.
    • Website fine-tuned.